How Smoothie Blenders Differ From Regular Blenders


Straight away, I can tell you the difference is the motor. I regular blender just isn’t going to do the job that one designed specifically for smoothies will do.

I do not like some of the fruits and vegetables that can really give the body great health benefits and that’s the main reason I began looking to smoothies to try to boost my intake of all things healthy.

Juice bars, smoothies and now acai bowls are everywhere but have you seen the price tag?

When I discovered the ingredients used to make these wonderful concoctions, I decided to start looking into ways to do it myself. With my trusty blender and armed with spinach, berries, ice and yoghurt, I began my healthy new start. After taking a sip, however, I discovered that not only did the smoothie I got from my local juice bar taste nothing like this, mine was full of stringy bits, ice-chips and tasted disgusting. Did the juice bar use magic to make my morning pick-me-up?

No, sadly it was just that my trusty blender was not up to the job.

Compare your blender to a weed whacker and you’ll get my drift. How does a tiny piece of nylon cut all that grass? It’s all in how strong the horse power is. The better the horse power the more efficient the tool is for the job. It’s the same with blenders.

While it’s easy to go with what you think the trendiest smoothie blender is, truth be told, there are plenty of brands and models on the market equipped to do the job for everyday use. The Blendtec Designer Series which goes for over $400 is a good one to compare. If you’re idea of the perfect machine looks exactly like this one, there’s no shame in dropping some cash. It’s got great reviews, digital touch screen display and a few other fancy features that come with the price tag.

If you want something for less than half the price though, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System has a whisker more operating horse power (not just peak power) and is exactly that. It has a food processor bowl, smoothie cups with to-go lids and has the same satisfaction results as its more pricey blender friend

Look at the operating power not just the peak horse power it advertises and you can stretch your dollar further.