Choosing A Good Vlogging/YouTube Camera

Vlogging is becoming quite famous, and most people are earning thousands of dollars every day with others using their smartphones to create vlogs in their daily life. Although it’s quite easy to use cameras for your YouTube, they are not the best, and you need to buy a unique camera that is designed for vlogging.

Once you decided on buying a camera you need to consider on the various features, check out for a camera that will give you personal and close images without having to worry about the zooming function. Some of the qualities that you need in a vlogging camera include:


A vlogging camera needs to have the best lens apertures that are high quality and wide to allow the lens to capture more light. A full camera aperture helps to improve the aesthetics of any vlogs that you create and achieve the much needed blurred background effects for the vlogs. You need a camera that has 50mm lenses with a f/1.8 aperture like the Panasonic LX10. Additionally, the amounts of noise that your camera produces at its higher ISO settings are known to affect the camera ability to give a high performance during the low-light conditions.


The sensor size plays a significant role when shopping for a vlogging camera, having a larger sensor means that you can capture more light which is essential for your YouTube images. Camcorders are known to have smallest sensor sizes. Hence they are not ideal for vlogging, and they do not perform well in places with lesser light. Compact cameras have bigger sensor size, with DSLR camera having the scone biggest sensors and the full-frame cameras and high-end DSLRs having the largest and best sensors. Some of the best camera DSLRs cameras include the Canon EOS 80D and Canon EOS Rebels T7i, and the best short vlogs camera comprises the Sony RX100 and Panasonic LX10.

Microphone Input

Many people who watch YouTube can put a low-quality video and images but not with sound. If you want to succeed as a vlogger, you need to have videos with the best sounds and to get the best sounds you need cameras with inbuilt microphone inputs. The microphone input is considered a premium feature and very few compact cameras have it and hence you need to check out on other high tech cameras that are quite expensive.

Another option is to check if your camera can accept an external microphone and if its compatible you need to fix one since it will produce high-quality sound and enhance your vlogs. The best vlogging camera is one with a front facing mic since it helps to capture your face and also absorb your voice. Some of the cameras with inbuilt mic port include Canon EOS 80 D, Sony A7SII, Panasonic GH5, and Sony A6500.

To choose the best YouTube and Vlogging camera you need to know the kind of content you are planning to create and using high-quality DSLR cameras will add bright colors and sharpness